Grading System

Grading System Explained


Each season last’s for 8 weeks. Each week students complete the three J.C.D.A disciplines and after all disciplines are completed the coach adds together the three scores to give the student an overall score for the week. After 8 weeks students are given an average score, which determines there grading. There are 6 gradings in total (White, Purple,Yellow,Green,Blue,Red, Black).

After much research and trials with dart players, from absolute novices to World champions we are happy that we have come up with a winning formula.



White shirt = Beginner, 0-150 pts

Purple Shirt 150 – 300pts

Yellow shirt = Improver, 300-450 pts

Green shirt = League standard, 450-600 pts

Blue Shirt = League division 1/ County Youth standard, 600-700 pts

Red shirt = Superleague standard, 700-850 pts

Black shirt = Senior County standard, 850 pts +